Ritvi Mishra


Getting Started with WebRTC: An Outsider's View

The purpose of this talk is to help professionals, who may not yet be familiar with WebRTC, understand its potential and learn how to get started with it. As someone who has recently entered the world of WebRTC from a different field, I bring fresh insights to help newcomers get on board and swiftly come to grips with this powerful technology. The talk will cover: - Understanding WebRTC: A simple, jargon-free explanation of what WebRTC is and why it matters in today's digital landscape; - Challenges of Starting with WebRTC: A candid discussion on the common challenges faced by newcomers and practical tips to overcome them; - First Steps in WebRTC: A guide on how to get started with WebRTC, covering key aspects such as choosing the right tools and platforms, understanding the API, and more; - Learning from Mistakes: Sharing personal experiences and mistakes made during my initial journey into WebRTC, and how they transformed into learning opportunities; - Resources and Guides: An overview of useful resources that helped me in my journey, which can assist others in their understanding of WebRTC; - Q&A Session: An interactive session to address specific concerns or queries from the audience. This session will aim to equip beginners with the knowledge and confidence they need to start their journey into WebRTC. It will provide them with a roadmap to navigate common hurdles and make the most of the vast opportunities that WebRTC offers.