Rob Pickering


Performing Transcription of WebRTC Media Streams in Browser

Rob is a seasoned real time software development professional and company founder whose career started as a software engineer writing a TCP/IP stack for microprocessor vendor Inmos (acquired by STMicroelectronics) in the 1980s. He lead the development of Network Management Software for 3Com in the 1990s and spent the early 2000s at a startup developing server side Javascript engines in the days before Node. During this time he was also consulting to ISPs and enterprise networks, building some interesting ISPs and cloud providers. In the mid 2000s he founded UK based VoIP pioneer IPCortex initially as an appliance vendor, growing it as CEO through its transition into communication platform provider and sale in 2019. He now works at the intersection of open source real time communication and machine learning through his current company Aplisay.